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How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts keys?

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Method 1: By using Start Menu

If you are creating a keyboard shortcut for “For your Windows system”, any application that is installed via direct download except applications from the Windows Store, you can create a shortcut directly from the Start menu.

#1: Open the Start Menu.

You can open the start menu by using this shortcut key: Windows key or Ctrl + Esc

#2: Navigate the application icon.

Navigate to the app icon for the application you want to create a shortcut key for. you can find it by scrolling through the application list.

#3: Open file location.

Right click on the app which is for you want to add shortcut key and click on Open file location.

#4: Right click on the App shortcut icon and select Properties.

#5: Enter a key combination in the [Shortcut key] box then click on Ok button.

Bingo You have now successfully created a custom computer shortcut key for your particular application.

[Computer Shortcut keys](https://blog.stackfindover.com/shortcut-keys-of-computer-a-to-

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