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RxJS: Filter for first value that meets condition

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Are you using RxJS and need to get the first, and only, value that meets a condition?

While you may consider using the filter() operator followed by either the take() or first() operator, what you may not know is that the first() operator takes an optional predicate function.

For example, if I have an RxJS observable that emits either null if a user is not authenticated or the User object if authenticated, and I am only interested in getting the authenticated user. Here is what the code might look like:

user$ = this.userService.user$.pipe(
  first(user => user !== null)

Nice and succinct.

Code Examples

use the first() operator's optional predicate function

activeTags = this.tags.pipe(
  first(tags => tags && tags.length > 0)

combining filter() and first() operators is the long-form

activeTags = this.tags.pipe(
  filter(tags => tags && tags.length > 0),
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