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Should I use type prefixes or suffixes?

Sunday, July 5, 2020

The short answer in my opinion is "no". The reasons include: their noisy, types changes, IDEs are smart, and this can often lead to inconsistencies and reduced readability.

Types Change

Whether you are programming using a language that uses a dynamic or static type system, using type prefixes or suffixes can lead to a practice of naming variables based on the current type, which may change over time, especially as your code is maintained, and, potentially refactored.


Whenever I am in a code base that uses either type prefixes or suffixes it feels a bit noisy to me. This in turn reduces the readability of the code.


Consistency leads to code that is more maintainable and readable. Whether we are the sole programmer in a project, or we part of a team, or even more so, if we are part of a large organization, consistent naming conventions are critical. If one team, or one team member, uses type prefixes or suffixes, and others do not, moving around the code base, or organizational teams, is going to be deterred.

IDEs are Smart

Most of us are using some sort of code editor or IDE that has deep code introspection capabilities that reduces the need for typing information to be presented to a developer along with the variable name. Further, code intellisense and auto-completion capabilities provide right insight into object types and members.



meaningful and consistent variable naming


type prefixes and suffixes

Code Examples

leverage IDE and code introspection provide type information

let firstName: string;
let users: User[];
let config: Config;

type prefix

let strFirstName: string;
let arrUsers: User[];
let objConfig: Config;

type suffix

let firstNameStr: string;
let usersArr: User[];
let configObj: Config;
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